Simple Herbal Tea Blend for Good Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

Published July 10, 2015 by witchesbrew

So a few months ago, I bulk ordered herbal tea bags from Traditional Medicinal.  And by bulk I mean it was a buy-a-box-get-a-box sale, so I ended up with like 36 boxes of tea bags. I bought a wide variety, but after I got sick of drinking simple nettle and peppermint teas.  So I borrowed a teapot from my mother and started making large pots of herbal tea.  This one has become my favorite for its health benefits and magical correspondences. Read the rest of this entry →

Unethical Magic

Published July 9, 2015 by witchesbrew

Magic isn’t black and white or light and dark.  In fact, I get irritated when practitioners grandstand about the merits of being aligned exclusively with either side of the craft.  Part of the wisdom of working with the gods and nature is that nothing is clear-cut and life is too complex to be confined in a restrictive mentality.  That being said, there is such a thing as ethical and unethical witchcraft.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Ethics implies that there is a right and a wrong way to approach a situation, and as we established dichotomies suck.  But most ethical traditions and systems of personal ethics embrace the grey areas and nuances to every situation.  So ethics isn’t a dichotomy so much as a multi-layered approach to acting and reacting. Read the rest of this entry →

Witch Tips: Tarot Spreads

Published July 1, 2015 by witchesbrew

The tarot is an art form that respects tradition yet constantly keeps evolving.  Tarot spreads can be beautiful, complex, simple, and honest all at the same time.  For the novice, learning how to spread and interpret the cards can be aided in their placement in a particular situation.  For intermediate, advanced, and professional readers, spreads can be opportunities to connect to the questioner and the divine in a unique way. Read the rest of this entry →

New Questions Policy

Published June 23, 2015 by witchesbrew

Hi lovely readers,

I have always had an open door policy when it comes to asking questions about Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft.  And that is never going to change as long as I run this blog.  However in the past few weeks, I have received quite a few inappropriate questions, including nonquestions and (no joke) sexual propositions.  Due to these recent queries, I am tightening Cauldron and Brew’s “Any Question?” policies.  And here they are:

  1. State your question as the first sentence in the comment section.  Then feel free to elaborate as much as you want about yourself and your situation.
  2. I do not give out spells.  More specifically, I WILL NOT TEACH YOU HOW TO CURSE YOUR EX BOYFRIEND. Or your boss.  Or the cop who just gave you a ticket.  Let’s trust in karma, people, and let the gods doll out the proper punishment.
  3. All inappropriate contact, including anti-Pagan harassment and sexual propositions, will be ignored. Repeated contact will be reported to the police.
  4. SPECIFICALLY FOR NEW WITCHES: First of all, mazel tov.  Second of all, the most common question in my inbox is “I am a new witch; help!”  If this is you, I need to know what you would like me to help you do.  Do you want book recommendations?  Do you want advice for telling the people in your life?  Give me a specific, concrete question and I will gladly help you.  For y’all who have no fucking clue what you want to ask me, by the end of business today there will be a tab under “Any Questions?” specifically for new witches. Read and watch that information first, then ask me any lingering questions.  I will ignore any and all queries that clearly did not follow this policy.
  5. All commercial and business entities, DO NOT use this tab to ask questions.  Use the contact information on my About page.

In advance, I thank everyone for adhering to these guidelines.

Bright blessings,


Finding Your Tribe

Published June 18, 2015 by witchesbrew

There is one thing I know about myself without a doubt: I thrive in groups.  It’s weird because I am a huge introvert. But that second I find my people, I seem to blossom.  In high school and college, I joined organizations and thus found other nerds and weirdos who were just as excited about Gustav Holst and environmental policy as I am.  Read the rest of this entry →

New Moon Annointing Oil Blend

Published June 16, 2015 by witchesbrew

As the moon turns, it is the tradition of some Pagans, Witches, and covens to anoint persons and objects with special ritual oil.  In my practice, I have begun to develop a few blends for that very purpose.  For the new moon, I concentrated my oil to the aspects of cleansing, hope, and renewal. Read the rest of this entry →

Summer Solstice Scent Blend

Published June 10, 2015 by witchesbrew

We are eleven days away from the Summer Solstice (otherwise known as Litha).  Anyone else excited yet?  To get everyone in the proper mood, here is a scent blend that’ll help you tap into the high energy part of the year.  Read the rest of this entry →


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