Witch Tips: Using Weather in Magic

When preparing magical workings, we Witches and Pagans tend to look cosmically to make sure we are working with the right energies.  We figure out the phase of the Moon and consider if it is Void of Course and what astrological house the Moon is in.  And while we are at it, we check to make sure Mercury isn’t in Retrograde.  But how often do we look at the conditions a little closer to home?


Using the current weather conditions in magical workings can be a powerful amplifier to your personal energies and the energies behind your magic.  The weather is also stupid simple to use.  All you need to do is to call in the weather as you would call in the elements.  Alternately, you can do your working outside so you can feel the wind and the rain on your skin and connect to the weather organically.

While not an exhaustive list of properties and weather patterns, here are a few examples of how to effectively use the weather in your magic. Continue reading



As a Pagan, I believe in balance.  Night and day; sun and moon; life and death; the seasons; earth, sea, and sky.  I also believe balance comes with a spectrum of permutations and commutations.  We are all made up of a balance of character traits and likes and dislikes and experiences that make us who we are.  That’s why when we as people are truly tapped into the fantastic complexities our spirits, our lives feel like they run as they should.

One thing that I think does not get talked about enough in Pagan communities is the balance of faith and doubt.  Simply put, faith is belief and doubt is skepticism.  They are the two sides of the same coin.  I strongly believe there cannot be faith without doubt because faith and doubt exist on the same spectrum.   Continue reading

Witch Tips: Reaching Out to the Pagan Community

Like in dating, you are never going to meet that one special coven or Witch friend unless you put yourself out there.  Newsflash, lovely reader: the Goddess is not going to just magically put you in the path of a wise old woman who will take you under her wing and introduce you to all of her coven mates.  In this case the Goddess helps those who help themselves.


So whether you are looking to join a coven or are just looking for a friend who doesn’t think athames and energy work is weird, Continue reading

My Pagan (ish) Playlist

Fun fact: I love music.  I love listening to anything from a concerto to a rock opera while going about my day.  I love going to live shows.  When I was young, I loved playing the oboe in my high school orchestra (and I wasn’t half bad if I do say so myself).  I especially love incorporating music into my rituals, workings, and Pagan prep work.


When I am thinking of using music for spiritual purposes, I have very loose criteria. Continue reading

13 Things I am Grateful For This Mabon

With Mabon in a few days and Thanksgiving in a few weeks, looking at your life and reflecting on what makes it awesome can be an uplifting spiritual practice.  We spend so much time running around and on the go that it is easy to forget what make life so special.

During this season I have spent a lot of time really looking at my life and allowing myself to feel a deep sense of appreciate for it.  The good, the bad, everything. Continue reading