I’m a witch! Two years later: now what?

I feel like a lot of material and perspectives out there on the internet come from to camps: the “I’m new help me” one and the “I’ve been doing this forever please let me give you wisdom” one.  And those are fine.


I’ve been practicing Wicca for two years.  I’ve read and re-read Scott Cunningham, Starhawk, and Raymond Buckland.  I’ve got my Goddess and God alignments figured out and a pretty helpful spirit guide.  I’ve come to grips with this part of myself and am in the process of listening to myself and my intuition.  My prize possession is a set of Tarot cards in Dutch.  I’m admittedly still in the broom closet and have very real reservations.  But I am beginning to know who I am and my path with the Goddess.  But I know longer feel like a newbie.

That idea is why I am starting this blog.  To give readers a perspective of a witch in her twenties who’s still learning and growing.

Bright Blessings!


© Ariadne Woods


3 thoughts on “I’m a witch! Two years later: now what?

      1. According to their blog The Informed Pagan writers came up with the idea as a way to overcome their own writer’s block and they decided to share it with their readers. There are several other challenges floating around the blogging world if you are interested in such things. The ones I know of are; The pagan Blog challenge(which appears to be alphabet based), the 44 days of witchery and the 12 month challenge. The 12 month challenge is my own creation that came about, due to my major disappointment in the quality of topics that the 44 day challenge had.

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