Balancing the Mundane and the Magickal

When I began this journey, my first order of business was to learn everything.  I wanted to get every book, read every article, practice every day.  However, just because I found a spiritual life did not mean my mundane life stopped.  I had family and friends I felt responsible for.  I was a university sophomore aiming for a 4.0.  I was getting more and more involved with campus activities.  I had a lot on my plate.

Now, things have not changed.  In fact, life has gotten more chaotic.  I have taken a part time job doing something I love and scored an awesome full-time internship over the summer.  I am attempting to get involved with local presidential campaign efforts.  All that plus the usual household chores and keeping afloat financially, the day-to-day general concerns permeates my quiet time and spiritual practice.

I’ve developed a couple of methods for keeping active in faith.  The one I never skip is I keep a set of mala beads under my pillow and do a couple of runs before bed.  Also at the end of that practice, I make sure to remind myself of seven things I’m thankful for discovering that day.  It keeps me grounded in myself and reminds me to show gratitude for this life and the Goddess’s blessings.  A couple of weeks ago I spotted a self-love ritual in the Witch’s Voice involving witch hazel, a rose quartz, and rose petals.  I modified it for my needs (I can’t burn candles in my dorm room) and have been practicing it every day.  It’s added a bounce to my step and made me feel more confident in myself.  Reading books on Witchcraft and Paganism is a huge part of my practice, and I have recently expanded into watching Youtube videos and listening to podcasts.  I journal sporadically, especially when I am going through something major.  Also, I am attempting to learn how to meditate, although I don’t think I’m very good at it. In essence, I try to do something everyday to renew my connection with the Goddess.  It’s a balancing act, but it keeps me grounded and reminds me of who I am.

Bright Blessings!


© Ariadne Woods


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