That Awkward Moment When Two Pagan Coworkers Come Out to Each Other

So I want to share an experience.  A couple of weeks ago I started a new job.  Like many young twenty-somethings, it’s an unpaid but rich in experience type of deal.  However I’m enjoying myself immensely, so I don’t mind not making money. One of my coworkers, I’m going to call her Mary, started around the same time I did.  I knew she was starting and looked her up on Facebook.  From the second I saw her page, I knew she was Pagan even though it was not covered in her Religious Views section.  I am super discrete on Facebook about my Witchness, so I didn’t know if she knew.  We worked on a project together and were talking about tastes in food.  I mentioned I used to not eat meat (I will cover this in another post), and she asked why.  I paused and said for religious reasons.  Nine times out of ten people drop it when I say that, but Mary went through a list of faiths until she got to Pagan.  “Me too!” she said and we’ve been in a constant dialogue about our faith ever since.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we began talking, and I think it’s strengthened the relationship between my spiritual life and my professional life.  It’s opened moments in both our lives in which we bring in faith and spirituality that was previously reserved for small talk.  Also, I’ve felt like I’ve made a good friend with a deeper connection with Mary, which has made it really easy to work together.  This is my favorite job so far because I have this deeper connection with the people I’m working with.

I encourage you to reach out to your coworkers and get to know them on a spiritual level.  It doesn’t matter if they’re Pagan or Christian or Jewish or Muslim, or Buddhist or Hindu or whatever!  I truly think that the more understanding and more dialogue people have, the smoother it makes community go.  For a workplace, this is crucial for the success of the business or the organization.  So stop talking about nothing and engage in discussion.

Blessed Be!


© Ariadne Woods


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