Witch Tips: Dorm Rooms and Roommates

When you’re in your twenties, you often find yourself living in a variety of situations highly unconducive to practicing the Craft: dorm rooms, roommates, at home with your parents.  While you may feel restricted in your options, here are a couple of tips to adapt your practice.

  • Electric candles: Many residents’ life or student life organizations restrict the use of candles and incense.  These are fairly cheap and have worked well in my adapted practice.
  • Reed Diffusers: Again with the restrictions on smoke.  They come in many pretty scents and blends and are easy to change out.  If you want a scent for a small period of time, like you would an incense stick, try putting a few drops of essential oil on an electric tea light.  It only burns a few minutes, perfect for spellwork.
  • Roommates:  My best advice is to be open with them, or at least be as open as you can.  Tell them why you need them to clear out for a couple of hours on Samhain.  You never know, they may ask to join you.  If all else fails, offer to clear out yourself on another night so they can have alone time with their partner.  Always works for me!
  • Small altars: Windowsills make great altars.  So do bookshelves, chair rails, and corners of dressers.  Find a space, keep it meaningful.  Don’t clutter it with supplies.  Only put on it the most special objects.  BE creative and have fun!
  • THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING: You can do anything, with or without supplies.  All you need is your connection with the Goddess.  Well, and maybe a piece of chocolate to replenish the lost energy.

Got any more tips?  Share them please!

Bright Blessings!


© Ariadne Woods


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