Uhhhhhhhhhhh Did I Just Have a Paranormal Experience??

The other day I was given the opportunity to tour a museum storage area.  We were having a pleasant look at artifacts when we turned a corner.  I got such a wave of anxiety and trepidation, no idea what had caused it.  Then I noticed what was in front of me.  A green sheet covered a large object. Before our guide uncovered it, I knew what it was.

An electric chair.

All I could feel was an overwhelming anxiousness.  Tunnel vision took over my senses to the extent that I didn’t realize I was leaning against another object.  All I could think was SOMEONE better cleanse this object before its put on display.

Now, I am not particularly sensitive for energies and spirits and whatnot, despite my strong belief in them.  I am admittedly skeptical.

But at the same time,

I’ve had a fair amount of experiences and have had friends and mentors who I trust to be honest that I instinctively know something else is going on.  For example, last year my brand new dorm room in which my roommate and I were the first residents hosted a spirit.  It made some noise and opened our door once, but mainly left us alone.  Liz and I exchanged stories of our “friend” like Pokemon cards with our friends.  Eventually, I attempted to commune with the spirit with the help of an experienced friend.  He and I came to the conclusion that it was very old and quite harmless and pretty cool with us living there.  So through this and other, less intense, experiences, I have learned to be skeptical, but open with the paranormal.

Back to the other day, I was plagued with the experience with this chair.  So I asked my Pagan coworker, Mary, about her reaction.  She divulged that she felt almost like the energies connected to the chair were taking over.  She remained shaken for days.

I want to urge my readers to keep this experience in mind when visiting sites in which spirits and whatnot are known to be present.

Bright Blessings!


(c) Ariadne Woods

2 thoughts on “Uhhhhhhhhhhh Did I Just Have a Paranormal Experience??

  1. sounds like are empathic. I am as well….Always feel things. I used to see things when I was a young child but they scared me so I lost the site and now only feel….You can hone in on it and build it up if you choose to… I still am learning myself…its always a learning process…my youngest son see’s ‘them’. He explains how they look and we talk about it,…I had some confirmations when he was small from an officer that knew the history of the house we were renting and what my son was telling me was real. he was seeing the ones that lived and died in the house. I saw glimpses and heard them but would tell them if i was alone that i was a little startled and asked them to please stop and they did. we all co existed fine in the house….the next renters they didnt like at all….needless to say those renters left not to long after they moved in.

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