Witch Tips: Unusual Spiritual Supply Shops

I am lucky enough to live near a new age shop, however that’s not the case for everyone.  These are a couple of ideas to get what you desire to enhance your magical life.

  • Five and Below: If you’re not picky about incense quality (or you’re in a pinch), they stock a decent variety: sandalwood, patchouli, cinnamon, lilac, dragon’s blood, and more.  They also have a host of goodies if you look hard enough.
  • iTunes: Don’t have a big budget for books? Try podcasts.  They’re not as informative as books in the traditional sense, but I find that hearing other people’s experiences are invaluable.  Recently, some heavy hitters in the Pagan world, such as Selena Fox, have started contributing to this community. Podcasts also happen to be free in most cases.  To get you started, Another Pagan Podcast is a can’t miss.
  • The Grocery Store: How hard is it to add herbs and candles to your shopping list?
  • Etsy.com: For unusual items.
  • Specialty Bead Stores: A lot of stores that supply jewelry makers stock high quality gemstones for pendents and the like.  If you don’t mind a hole through your piece of bloodstone, look to see if your area has one.
  • Your State Renaissance Faire: A tip I got from a friend.  At least the one she goes to has an herbary and a gemstone shop as well as a mystical emporium.  Perhaps a more expensive option, though.

© Ariadne Woods


One thought on “Witch Tips: Unusual Spiritual Supply Shops

  1. Briliant! ^.^ Justthought I might add a hint for getting tools (although you can just use a lot of household items as witchy tools), a lot of antique shops and sometimes house clearence auctions have interesting little bits, if you’re willing to wade through all the useless junk!

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