Learning to Be Humble

Until very recently, if I remembered a dream it meant that it was a significant message I needed to hear.  Something to be taken seriously.  I take strong sleep medication, so if a dream can get through hey, who was I to question it? However a few weeks ago I renewed a sleep spell.  That week I had an extremely intense dream about a family member of mine, which turned out to be a premonition.  While the message was disappointing, I was really excited about the new accuracy and clarity.

And then next dream I remembered I was parasailing on a peach ocean while wearing my senior prom gown.  Huh.

Looking back on it, part of me wants to (pardon the colloquialism) “facepalm” myself for being such an idiot.  Maybe not an idiot, but definitely a bit full of myself.  Yet another part of me recognizes that error is part of life and I need to move on, learn to distinguish the meaningful dreams.  Learn a new skill.  Which in itself is pretty exciting.

Bright Blessings,


© Ariadne Woods


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