Witch Tips: Daily Dose of OMMMMM

Daily practice is a ritual performed at a particular time every day that brings you closer to the Goddess, the God, the elements, or whatever you align with.  The two most common forms are meditation and variations of a greet the day ritual.  Plenty of information on both are readily available in books and on the Internet.  If neither of those are your thing, consider weaving some other forms of practice into your day.

  • Mala Beads: My absolute favorite.  Keep them under your pillow and do a round or two of affirmations before bed.  Or in the morning.  You can buy them online or make them yourself.
  • Journalling:  Write down whatever you want.  Your fears.  You revelations.  Your feelings about the Goddess.  Or you can doodle, sketch, or write short stories or poems.
  • Breath Deeply: Inhale one two three, hold one two three, exhale one two three, hold one two three.  Repeat as needed.
  • Drumming:  Something I’m becoming more familiar with and will do a whole post on in a few weeks.  But playing any instrument or dancing to music can become a form of ritual.
  • Turn Off You TV: And your computer and your iPod and your cell phone.  Unplug your landline if you have one.  Do something that refreshes your soul, such as reading, walking, or gardening.
  • Wind Chimes: Make or buy a set with a sound that resonates with you.  Charge them with connectedness and hang them on your porch or in your home.  Pause every time they ring. Not a technique for dorms, although you can adapt it with a small bell.
  • Tea Time: A common practice across the pond, it’s an easy practice to adapt to spiritual purposes.  Brew a cup of tea (or, if it’s been a rough day, a glass of beer or wine) with your best pot and mugs.  Make it special.  Then take time to really enjoy your drink.

© Ariadne Woods


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