Two Bumps on the Head in Forty-Eight Hours… Oh Boy.

I’ve got two stories for you.

  1. On Monday I did a spell for a very specific need regarding my emotions.  Basically I was asking for help.  Wake up yesterday morning and my heart was killing me.  No kidding, but admittedly a bit of hyperbole.  I had a massive amount of chest pain.  Doctor made two calls: either a sudden cartilage growth or a case of anxiety.  She took me through treatment options for both, but I knew which one it was.  Am researching alternative anxiety treatment therapies as we speak (I’m not comfortable with traditional medication) to pair with a therapist.  I wanted to share this because even if you do something small on a whim, it makes a ripple in our life with the possibility to change everything.  Sunday I was unhappy and miserable and now I feel… lighter.  Better.  So if you have the courage to be different, to live a different life, do it.
  2. Here was my original plan for the day: get up, go to work, grocery store over lunch, come home at 4:30, make a special dinner, Lammas ritual, stargazing, bed.  How my day actually turned out: get, up, go to work, market closed, out of work late, quick dinner, stop by my mom’s church to help with a charity drive, home.  Don’t think I have time for my ritual or stargazing.  But you know what?   It’s okay.  Because I gave back, I ate wonderful food, I got a chance to post here.  Yes, I am upset I din’t get to do my Lammas ritual but honestly it’s a holiday about thankfulness.  And I am thankful for what filled my day.  Thanks Goddess.  Thanks God.  Thanks life.

Bright Blessings,


© Ariadne Woods


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