The Fifth Element Part I or Why The Charge of the Goddess and Psalm 23 Stir My Soul

What makes the spirit move an inch?  A foot?  A mile?  Or does the soul move at all?  Does it merely swallow and grow and shrink?  I like to think the way the spirit evolves is unique to the specific soul.  There is no formula or universal text or one size fits all.  Yes to some extent there is a “collective conscience,” but it’s time the myth of the “one way” is put to rest.

People need to find their words.  I don’t care if it comes from Moses, Scott Cunningham, or Beyonce.  Finding the words that make you shift or grow or whatever can mean everything.

Let me illustrate the three most spiritual moving moments of my life.

I grew up Methodist, although that didn’t last long.  When I was in elementary school my parents sent me to Christian summer camp.  One day (I think it was a Wednesday), all the campers were gathered together and told us to settle down.  The head counselor led us into the woods.  After ten minutes we came across an altar with a loaf of bread and a bottle of Welch’s grape juice.  He began acting out Psalm Twenty-Three.  What I remember the most was how green everything was, right down to the shadows on my hand.  I felt like I understood everything.  Ten years later I was on a beach in Scotland building my first altar reciting the Twenty-Third Psalm to the God and the Goddess.

Speaking of Scotland, I lived in Europe for four months last year.  It was the most transformative experience of my life.  There was one night, my first night, that I decided I needed a Coke and some French fries.  Grabbing my coat I stepped out into the night.  After getting my food, it started raining.  Not a gentle spritz but a full-on downpour.  Instead of ducking for cover, I began laughing.  Loudly, hysterically, and absolutely joyfully.  And started singing: “Lights will guide you home/ And ignite your bones/ And I will try to fix you” at the top of my lungs.  I have never been so carefree, light.  And it was all in the words.  And the song shifted, from “La Vie En Rose” to “Hallelujah” to “Now We Are Free.”  Ever since if a situation presents itself that I want to let go and relax, I sing it to myself one of those songs under my breath.  They give me power.

Last, there is one small, but important, moment that had such a long, lasting effect.  I was reading The Spiral Dance two years ago late at night when I came across Stawhawk’s version of the Charge of the Goddess.  After I finished I just thought wow.  That’s it.  That’s the Goddess.  It gave me the strength to find my words to describe the Goddess and to articulate my point of view.

These moments came organically, I didn’t force anything or really ask for my words.  They just changed me in ways I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Because they bring me closer to the Goddess, to the world, and to myself.

I hope you, reader, have the words that empower you to live your life and may they bring blessings to you.

© Ariadne Woods


2 thoughts on “The Fifth Element Part I or Why The Charge of the Goddess and Psalm 23 Stir My Soul

  1. Wisdom can come from all kind of places, including the Bible. One of the texts I look at frequently is a quote by Nelson Mandela: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. This does inspire me to make the most of life.
    Ariadne, I really enjoy reading your blog posts, which is why I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award Congratulations!

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