Today I went online to buy a piece of tumbled Lapus Lazuli to heal my Fifth Chakra and to aid in creative writing. After checking all the usual shops, I went on Etsy.  Instead of buying ONE stone, I ended up buying EIGHT stones, only ONE of them being Lapus.

Pagans have the tendency to need (or think they need) a lot of STUFF.  Candles, incense, deity figures. Three of the most popular practices associated with Paganism are herbalism, divination, and stonecraft.  Perhaps not for divination, but think of how many herbs and gems comprise the basic of basic in those practices.  It’s mind boggling!

My biggest weakness is books.  Right now I have a little over a dozen, but my “To Buy” list is LONG.

If you are financially challenged, this can be a serious problem because people sometimes feel like the stuff is integral with spirituality. If you are, my best advice to you is to choose wisely.  Buy one stone, book, or herb at a time.  If space is an issue, keep quantities small.

This most important thing to keep in mind is that all you need is you in your magical practice.

© Ariadne Woods

One thought on “Paganomics

  1. I’m the same. There are so many books on my list. Every time I buy one I only go ahead and discover three or four more that I *need*. XD It’s easy saying you can do magic, be spiritual and honour nature without all that stuff but no matter what you end up having that compelling urge to get the best books or a book on every single subject under the sun. Once I bought two books by the same author and then I bought another book by her only to discover it was just a special edition where they’d just put the two I had into one! XD

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