Library Update

Okay so in the Spring I went to see if my university library had any books on Paganism.  Bit of an epic fail on my school’s part.  A couple of tomes on witchhunting, and that was it.  So I wrote a note anonymously and slipped it in the drop off box before the end of last semester.  Basically, I said that students who are Pagan or exploring Paganism may be interested in checking books out of the library, so kindly consider adding a couple Pagan-related books to the list on the next book buy.

While doing something else in the library, I decided to check to see if my note made a difference.  And to my surprise, it worked!  They bought a little Margaret Murray and a second copy of The Triumph of the Moon.  I only gave a quick glance, but I am pleased my voice made a difference.

© Ariadne Woods


3 thoughts on “Library Update

  1. That is amazing. Most people see a problem like that and do nothing about it, myself included far too often. I just wanted to say congrats for getting something done and thanks for actually doing something. 🙂

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