Witch Tips Special Edition: Spirit

This is the last post in a series of five about connecting to the Elements.

Spirit refers to the connections between all of existence. It links us to the Gods and Goddesses, the ancestors, the self, EVERYTHING.  It has no direction and encompasses all deities.  In reality connecting to Spirit is personal and varies person-to-person.  So here are the things that establishes my relationship with the element.

  • Travel: See new things.  Meet new people.  Eat new foods.  Find a new way to see the world.
  • Prayer Beads: I will sometime soon do an entire post on these  I’ve found them invaluable in cultivating a good daily practice.  I made my set, but lots of Pagan shops and online stores carry them.  If you want some ideas for chants and mantras, check out my Curios page.  Selena Fox’s Twitter page also features many good chants that can be used in ritual and while working with prayer beads. Or write your own!
  • Keep Your ‘You Time’ Sacred:  Every Friday night I put in a movie and paint my nails.  If I am home I light some candles and incense.  This ritual is a little bit of self-indulgence that renews me every week.  Everyone has this kind of routine, whether it’s a daily coffee or a yearly trip to the spa or to a baseball game.  Make these little things a priority.
  • Clear Space: You don’t have to have a perfectly clean house or apartment.  But studies link clutter and excess mess to depression, anxiety, and concentration problems.  Spend just five minutes a day tidying and one Saturday a month doing some intensive cleansing.
  • Take a Walk in Nature: Let the Earth renew your spirit.  Notice everything from the itty bitty bugs to the tall trees.

@ Ariadne Woods


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