The Academic Pagan

Colleges and universities offer a variety of courses on many, many topics.  Obviously the primary curriculum a student should adhere to is the one that will let them graduate on time.  However if you go to a university like mine, you get a little wiggle room to take some electives.

Why not take some of those classes to further your Pagan education?

A lot of literature or poetry workshop classes feature in-depth studies of mythology and classic stories.  I am in a poetry intensive right now in which every student was asked to rewrite a famous tale.  It made the students rethink their approach to mythology.

Biology classes often expand the student’s understanding of the natural world.  While yes some Pagans morally object to dissecting animals, some courses focus on the theoretical and ethical dilemmas in Biology.  Or you can talk to the professor before enrolling in the course and write a paper instead of dissecting.

There are many other topics that would enhance your Pagan learning: world religions, anthropology, civil liberties law, music, and history.  Look at what your spiritual needs are and what you are interested in knowing more  about.  The goal is to expand the mind and look at the Goddess in a new way.

© Ariadne Woods


2 thoughts on “The Academic Pagan

  1. i start an anthropology course on oct.22. i had been trying to find classes that would help in my studies of witch/pagan without telling people why i wanted the classes once again you ladies here at WP have an answer for me♥ . i’m sorta leaning towards pagan instead of wiccan now. thanks for the post!!!

  2. If I was going to re-do college, or going to go again, I would definitely make new choices. My college also allowed wiggle room, and there were herbalist classes that I wish I had taken! 🙂 But alas, I still learned things later on. Life unfolds as it does.
    I really like this post- it is a good reminder that the world is what we make of it, and opportunities can be seized in so many fashions, for so many purposes, when your mind & heart are in the place you want them to be.

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