Witch Tips: Preparing for Cold Weather

It’s getting chilly!  This is the first weekend I needed a coat in the daytime.  This means it is the time of year to start making preparations for the cold winter months.

  • Stay Active: It is easy to feel sluggish in the winter.  You don’t spend as much time outside and the lack of sunlight can make your energies feel weird.  Try to do some form of exercise three days a week.  Something that will keep you accountable is to sign up for a class at your gym or YMCA.  A couple of great ideas: pilates, flamenco, yoga, or tap.
  • Consider Buying a Sunlamp:  A former roommate used one every morning from October to May to balance her seasonal depression and she said it made a significant difference in how outlook and mood.  I would talk to a doctor or medical practitioner before buying this cool little device because it is an investment.  Do a little bit of research to find the right machine.
  • Knit a Scarf:  It is so rewarding to bundle up in something that you have created.
  • Harvest the Very Last of Your Herbs:  Go on one last wildcraft hike.  Winterize your garden.  Take your potted plants into your home.  This it the point in the year where you should finish drying, canning, and storing herbs and food products.  Also, cleanse and bless any outdoor altar space.  Ask its guardians or resident fairies to watch over it and protect your sacred space as you move your rituals indoors.
  • Make a Snowstorm Kit:  Flashlight, batteries, candles, a lighter/matchbox, an ice-melt product, Hot Hands, a car snow scraper, a shovel, any non-perishable food, a blanket, any special coats or warm weather clothes, a sled, a few materials to make a snowman, and cocoa mix/ingredients!

© Ariadne Woods


4 thoughts on “Witch Tips: Preparing for Cold Weather

  1. i had just been thinking about exercise and such with the cold weather setting in now…thank you for a timely post!!

  2. Good tips! You reminded me to pick up my herbs!! 🙂

    I live far at north so we have here polar nights at winter and insane amounts of snow. Daylight lamps are quite popular here, but I don’t have one. However I have wake-up lamp to help me get up in “the morning”. Very helpful.
    And I will add a tip from myself – get a sheep skin and use it as a blanket! 🙂

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