Witch Tips: Working with Spirits

Working with spirits comes in many shapes and sizes.  Some witches and practitioners make contact through a variety of methods, including dowsing and mediumwork.  Yes, Ouija boards qualify here, but be careful they are easy to manipulate.  Others, myself included, give offerings to the spirits of heroes, ancestors, and admired figures to aid them in the spirit world.  Workers also call on spirits to aid in craftwork.  All spirit workers revere this time of year and its thin veil between the spirit world and our world.

For those interested in working with spirits, Samhain is a good holiday to begin this practice.  I have a few tips for the ingenues

  • Spirits lie.  Get used to it.  Even the one of your sweet grandma.  But you can still learn from them.
  • Have a healthy amount of skepticism.  You shouldn’t go approach it disrespectfully, but at the same time use your common sense.
  • When beginning on this path, try to find someone who’s done this before to help you.  I am not talking about a book, I mean someone who regularly and expertly contacts the dead and DOES NOT get paid to do it.  Why?  There are a lot of unknowns in the universe and in the metaphysical work.  An expert can help you navigate them safely.  Advertise on the Witch’s Voice or ask around your local metaphysical shop to find one.
  • Veneration is spiritwork. Honor your ancestors often.
  •  Stick close to home.  Most dwellings unless they are brand new contain some sort of spirit activity although 99.99% its completely benign and unnoticeable.  My teacher described them to me as quiet observers. Treat them with the same respect you would your individual spirit guides.
  • DO NOT HANDLE BIG PROBLEMS ON YOUR OWN.  I have never come across a true spirit infestation that harms to household.  I believe that most ‘contact’ that the media publishes is bull shit.  But at the same time I will not discount the possibility that it could happen.  If you think you are encountering a bad situation, ask your teacher or an experienced friend to help. Not only will they give you a better perspective on the matter, but in the case that it is a serious problem you’ll want the extra help.
  • You should not approach spiritwork as trying to have a paranormal experience.  You are attempting to find wisdom from whatever source you can.

I encourage anyone with long-term experience to comment.  My experience has been mainly reverent ritual to honor home dwellers, so I’m limited in what I can say.  Just be careful.

© Ariadne Woods


3 thoughts on “Witch Tips: Working with Spirits

  1. i won’t touch a quija after a bad experience but today i had to take my rescue cat in to the vet and the vet seemed very worried that he might have feline cancer,they did blood work.well i broke down crying,pacing back and forth waiting for news on him so i just said a silent prayer to my patron goddess Morrighan to please let him be okay, then i told her that as soon as i learn more i will do a special well… i don’t know the right word but i called it a special rite for/to her. my cat was in good shape to a lot better than the vet could have imagined! he was sorta stunned at how well he was. he does have a severe mouth infection but,long story short that was my first time ever praying to the goddess and my little cat is well! also this post is right on time to because i had been toying with the idea of trying to contact my grandparents and stepdad. but i had a feeling to leave it alone till i know what i’m doing. so thank you for the timely post!

  2. I have to say, I absolutely adore your blogs!! All of them are well thought out and comprehensive!
    ‘Spirits lie’ is something that I really laughed at. It’s so very true!! I was born into a family of…er…I don’t know if I should call us psychics…maybe ‘medium capable’? Everybody born into my family on my mothers side is connected to the spirit realm in a way that should be against the rules, in my opinion. We hear, see, feel spirits, to varying degrees. Myself and my aunt have the strongest abilities for this. I’ve often had a conversation with a person in public, only to get odd looks from passerby. It takes me a bit to realize I’m talking to a spirit if I’m not concentrating.

    As somebody who has always been able to see and talk to them, I’d say yes, be respectful, but don’t be afraid to push back. Spirits have a tenancy to harass people that can see them. They’ll try to push them around and get them to do what they want, because it’s hard to find someone who can hear and see them, I suppose. And while yes, I think respecting them is important, I only give what I get. If a spirit is going to be an asshole to me, and hurt me to get their way, then I’ll give them the boot!
    Another thing to consider, before attempting to open this can of worms, is brush up on your cleansing and warding spells. They will easily over-populate a home if they thing a sensitive lives there.

    But yes, I just wanted to say that I love your blog! 🙂

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