Parting of Ways

This is the time of year for goodbyes.  Whether it’s from a habit or a relationship or a way of life, Samhain is all about the pinnacle of a cycle.  That point of both hello and see you.  Tonight, that is acutely a factor in three situations:

  1. I had a relative die a couple of years ago at this point of the year.  I was really close with them and miss them a lot.  While I am mostly healed, the last week of October is still a little rough for me.  Therefore, I can’t help feeling loss more acutely even as I embrace new beginnings.
  2. I do not think its a coincidence that two very good friends of mine are breaking up right now, or at least are going through a rough patch.  Oddly enough, I just did a tarot reading for them and found a lot of abundance in their relationship.  I am hoping that means that this is not the end.  But it’s that time of year.
  3. In my spiritual practice, I’ve been feeling a little conflicted.  Yes I am Pagan, but what does that mean for my life?  I don’t want to give up on my spirituality, but maybe I need a break from studying to get some perspective.

As the Earth dies, so must what is holding us back.  May the God and Goddess give you strength and wisdom to show you how to let go.

© Ariadne Woods


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