Book of Shadows

Samhain is a great time of year to start, to improve, or to edit a Book of Shadows.  Consider adding this element to your ritual.

A Book of Shadows (BOS) is a collective trove of spiritual and magical knowledge a witch or practitioner collects over time.  It can be created in many forms.  They can be leather-bound, spiral bound, binders and pages, parchment sheets, notebook paper, 8×10, JPEG, DOC, typed, calligraphy, scrawled, green, polka dot, plaid, stained, perfect, but most importantly yours.  Some people keep their BOS to themselves and others share them with friends, family or coven.  That is a personal decision never to be pressured.

They are organized in a variety of ways.  Whatever is more logical to you will be best.  A couple of suggestions as far of content: dedication, sabat information, correspondences, charts, herbal information, divination spreads, deities concepts, elements, spells, rituals, or poetry.  It is completely up to you.  Whatever you want, put in the book.

One thing to keep in mind is to let your BOS change with you.  For example when I started my book, I did not want to add information about the Zodiac.  However I am converting forms from a computer DOC to a binder, so I have been editing my pages.  Along this process I realized that I hate Googling information about the Zodiac, so I added appropriate content before I printed the document.  Perhaps the way you edit your book informs the form you decide to choose.

Just remember that this is your book.  Use and create it as you see fit.

© Ariadne Woods

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