I received my first set of runes today!  They are beautiful, hand-burned, and cedar.  I am so excited I get to carry them with me for the next couple of days.

Programing is the concept of attuning an object to your intentions.  The reason someone needs to program something is the owner needs to get in tune to the energies of the item.  In theory you do not necessarily need to do it because attunement will naturally happen over time, however the readings and reactions when the object is used will be kind of off.  Programing can be done with materials intended for spellcraft, but it  is an imperative first step in ‘getting to know’ tarot cards, runes, gemstones, pendulums, and any other object you plan to use on a frequent basis outside of the ritual circle.

There are several methods of programing.  A lot of people like to carry the object with them all the time for a couple of days.  This is good for items you plan to keep with you at all times.  What I usually do is put the new deck or stone under my pillow for two weeks.  Regardless about how much time you spend with the object, you also must look at every rune and study it.  Become familiar with all its imperfections.  Hold the cards in candle, sun, and fluorescent lights.  Look at the object a different way in order to really get to know what you are working with.

© Ariadne Woods

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