What Do You Carry?

Like a lot of women my age, I use a purse.  While the bag itself changes on a regular basis, what I carry doesn’t: my cell phone, wallet, credit cards, ID, etc.  One thing that always gets switched is a makeup bag.  While in one section I have lip gloss and a compact, I also carry a few special objects.  For one I have a set of runes I am trying to program.  I also have three stones I favor and a set of mala beads.  The reason I bring these things with me is not because I really use them in public, but rather they center me in times of crisis and bring me a measure of peace.  For example, I hate getting shots.  Earlier today I went into my doctor’s office for my flu shot.  I slipped one of the stones into my hand before the procedure and it helped me remain calm. These objects are not tools I use every day, but I am always happy to have them in my bag.

If you carry any similar objects with yo, share in the comments!

© Ariadne Woods


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