Witch Tips: Avoiding a Case of the Yule/Christmas Crazies

I got home from school less than a week ago and already I want to throttle everyone.  I love my family, I do, but it is hard to go from a situation of independence and self reliance to back home on my mom’s couch.  You having similar problems? I share with you the tools I use to get me through to the next semester.

  • Take a Walk: I realize it’s cold.  But getting out of your house and observing nature is good for the soul and has a strong calming affect.  Which you’ll need when your great aunt asks for the fourteenth time why you’re not married yet.
  • Don’t Revert to Old Habits: This is a good one to buddy up on.  My cousin is a former smoker and I eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT when stressed.  So during the holidays we tag-team to keep each other in check.
  • Enjoy Traditions: I am so excited for my Solstice vigil, the candlelight service at my mom’s church, gift giving, drinking with my sister and cousin, and my grandmother’s food.  Those are what I want to take away from the holidays, not my mom’s nagging.
  • Keep in Contact with Friends: They’re going crazy, too.  Don’t be the constant texter, but sending each other encouraging texts will help everyone stay happy.
  • Headphones: Absolute lifesaver.

© Ariadne Woods


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