Imbolc Aspects

In a few days in the Northern Hemisphere, Pagans and witches will celebrate the festival of Imbolc.  It’s strongest aspects are love and fertility celebrating the Celtic goddess Brigid.

The most well known part of the holiday is it as the “Festival of Lights.”  You probably have been noticing the lengthening days, the growing strength of the sun.  For anyone sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for spring, feel free to begin watching for robins and first shoots.  It’s a good holiday to build a bonfire or fill a room with candles.  Feel free to interpret light in personal ways.  For example I am a writer, so for me Imbolc is the festival I use to celebrate inspiration and the creative self.

Imbolc also comes at the time in which life is starting to stir.  You know what’s in a few weeks? Valentine’s Day.  This is a time for find love and life.  Do not restrict it’s meaning to romance, but use the holiday to celebrate what you are passionate about, whether it’s a partner, a career, a family, etc.

Because of the growing life and light, I also think it is a good time of year to look at your life and finally clean out some negative aspects.  In just a few weeks it’ll be Ostara and the world will be fresh and clean.  Why not use this time of the year to do some spring cleaning, literal or spiritual?

I hope everyone has a bright Imbolc and beautiful start of spring.

© Ariadne Woods


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