Sex, (Prescription) Drugs, and a Little Bit of Love

This semester has been full of change.  Some of it has been good, some of it has been not so good.  But there is one big thing that has been great.

I, Ariadne Woods, am in love.

Boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for a few months.  We met through some mutual friends and through campus activities.  We tried being friends, but then he asked me on a date and that was that.  He is kind and sweet and funny and passionate.  I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

And Boyfriend is a really good kisser.  And when you are twenty two years old and have someone in your life that you love, sometimes the clothes come off.  So with a lot of foresight, I went to my doctor to talk about the pill.  Which I started taking a few weeks ago.

A few days into my dosage I started feeling weird, both physically and emotionally. I could feel my blood pressure rising every time I took the pill.  The shift of hormones and chemicals in my system just felt wrong.  Thinking it was left-over nerves, I ignored it.  Dumb idea.   Because what I didn’t realize was my medication was having a stronger effect on my mental health than I could handle.  Knowing my limits and after conversations with a school therapist and my boyfriend, the pill pack is in my trash can.

In retrospect, I should have done the same level of research about my medication as I do for class assignments and Paganism.  Health is important in all its forms.  Just because the popular solution works for most people doesn’t mean it will work for me.  Most importantly, I learned that when it comes to my health I need to trust my instincts.  I have them for a reason.

© Ariadne Woods