Spiritual Growth, Inhibitions, and Trees

I went on a walk today and I noticed two things about the trees in my neighborhood. The first is that nearly all of them have been pruned to accommodate electrical wires.  These trees show large scars on their sides. In our lives, we all bare some sort of emotional scars.  Some of them are even physical from accidents and trauma.  In a lot of ways, our pasts define our perceptions and our actions.  We accidentally touch a hot stove while cooking and are careful every since.

Emotional scars seep into our spiritual life.  For myself, a large part of the reason I began questioning my Christian roots is the shame I felt for not conforming to their religious ideals.  I didn’t want to go against my beliefs, yet was told they were wrong.  It took me a long time to reconcile my feelings and to trust my spiritual self.

The second thing I notices are the first signs of spring on these trees.  Buds have started to form on the remaining branches.  This sight have left me feeling happy, hopeful, and refreshed.

Listen, we’ve all got our deep seeded problems and emotional scars that inhibit our spiritual growth.  The key is to accept that they are part of you, just as all of the growth is.  If you are having trouble reconciling these aspects, talk to your deities and ask for guidance   Also, consider talking to your High Priestess or Priest if you are in a coven or another member of the Pagan clergy.

The most important thing you can do is to actively acknowledge that you are your past and present, but also your future.  You carry your strengths and weaknesses all of your days.  Know them and through discovery find peace.

© Ariadne Woods


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