Prompt Response: Just One Book

So I stumbled upon a fantastic blog, Pagan Blog Prompts.  It offers great suggestions to inspire Pagan bloggers and to keep their work open, engaging, and thought provoking.  I’m going to respond to my first one, let’s see how this goes!

If you could recommend just one book to a newcomer, what would it be?

Oh goddess this is going to be hard.

Alright, we all know that’s not very fair. So you can share up to 3 books that you feel all people looking to explore Paganism should read.

Oh phew. I’ve got this.

  1. The Pagan Book of Living and Dying by Starhawk: Starhawk is my favorite Pagan author.  Her work discusses the deep, spiritual side of this religion, not just spells and rituals.  The Spiral Dance changed my life.  But why did I pick The Pagan Book of Living and Dying? The hardest thing for me to grapple with when I converted was what happens after we die.  If there isn’t a heaven or hell, well what are the alternatives?  This book challenges so many preconceived notions and social mores.  I recommend it for anyone serious about converting to Paganism or working over the big questions.
  2. Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler:  I know I’ve talked about this book on my blog before, but I want to reiterate the idea that it is essential for anyone in any faith to know its history.  Hense, this book.
  3. Any Book of Myths: These stories, brought from our ancestors, are the ultimate basis of modern tradition because they not only present stories but also give insight into old school ritual and faith practices.  So, grab your Bullfinch’s or Edith Hamilton and get reading.

© Ariadne Woods


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