The difference between a pet and a familiar is in the connection you have with that creature. You just kind of know.  I’ve had five cats throughout my lifetime and only one of them I would consider a familiar.  Why?  Every time I am setting up ritual, lighting a stick of offering incense, even doing a little space clearing, she runs up and wants to “help.” Eventually she settles and sits quietly and observes.  Why?  One theory is that these animals are more sensitive to subtile shifts in energy and are drawn to investigate and learn.  To me this makes sense because my familiar also becomes extremely tense during thunderstorms.  While cats are the traditional animal of choice, any animal can be a familiar.

If you have other animals, don’t treat your familiar differently than you do the other animals in your life.  You just have to acknowledge that your familiar has a place in your spiritual life as well as your mundane one.

© Ariadne Woods

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