Balancing Act

Balance is the art of recognizing, addressing, respecting, and feeding the various aspects of life and self.  It’s a complex process that evolves over a lifetime.  For example, a kid isn’t interested in romantic relationships, however as the child nears adulthood the need for companionship becomes important and competes with family, friends, school, activities, spiritual life, health, etc.

In Goddess or nature traditions, balance is ever-present in the celebration of the seasons.  Litha or the Summer Solstice is just three weeks away and the Wheel of the Year will turn back towards the dark part of the year.  This exchange between summer and winter plays out in mythology and modern ritual.

There’s no prescribed way of becoming balanced, however when I am out of whack I can feel it in my bones.  For me, that uncomfortableness indicates that I need to look inside myself and figure out what’s what.  Am I spending too much time watching TV and not enough time reading for school or about paganism?  Have I been spending too much energy on dance class and not enough doing laundry?  There are a few methods I use to address balance problems.  For one, I talk to the people in my life including the deities I work with and seek advice.  Also, meditation, journaling, and grounding helps me refocus my priorities.  If anyone has any experiences or tricks regarding how to get in balance or back on track, leave a comment.

As the wheel turns, it is important to take stock of priorities and to seek the wisdom to keep them in balance.

© Ariadne Woods