Witch Tips: Seven Easy Brews to Have Up Your Sleeve

I believe in recipes and following the directions from a good herbal or cookbook.  But sometimes, having a tried and true recipe you don’t need to think about creates traditions and personal touches to your culinary and magical practices.  For me, there are seven very quick magical and mundane formulas that I think everyone should know.   Share your favorites in the comments.

  • Room Spray: Filtered water in a spray bottle with twenty-thirty drops of essential oil.  Shake.  Done.  My favorite is lavender.  You could also make a tea and add a little vodka.  This method works well with sage sprays.  Add gems (although double check the mineral and its safety with water.  Quartz and agate are always safe bets) and whatnot if needed.
  • Magical Object Cleaner: Unless you are an expert metal worker, glassblower, carver, herb grower AND stone mason, you will end up buying some stuff.  And to make it your own and to clean the residual energies, it’s good to give them a scrub. This brew should be highly personal, but can include lemon, garlic, bay, sage, rosemary, salt, thistle, pepper, etc.  Mine smells both terrible and awesome, but always turns out nicely.  Simmer for an hour and then strain.  Fill a bottle half with this liquid and half with apple cider vinegar.  To use get a cotton ball and put some of the cleaner on it.  Use to clean the object, then rinse and let dry in the sun or moon light.
  • One Really Good Salad Dressing or Marinade: Your family, house guests, and taste buds will thank you.
  • One Simple Loose Tea Blend:  By far the easiest on this list.  Get three one ounce bags of herbs you think will go well together (examples: chamomile, mint, skullcap; nettles, raspberry leaf, lemon balm; black tea, orange peel, lavender).  Put them in a glass container and shake.  Ta da!  Use when needed as a personal comfort.
  • One Great Cocktail: Or mocktail if you do not drink.
  • The Simple Tincture:  Get an herb.  Put it in a container.  Pour vodka, vinegar, or witch hazel over it until the herb is just covered.  Cover and store in a dark place for two weeks.  Shake as often as possible.  When the time is up strain and bottle. Consult an herbal for an appropriate herb, although a lavender one is good in every household as a sleep aid.
  • Go-To Herbal Incense: Look to Cunningham’s Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews for inspiration, but the key is to create a personal formula.  Of all of the brews here, this one will require the most practice.

© Ariadne Woods


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