Moving and Spellcraft

As many of my readers know, I’m going to grad school.  For the first time in my life, I am moving out on my own.  No mom, no RAs.  I have big and grand plans (including a permanent altar).  If I can, perhaps I’ll get a cat!

I just need an apartment first.

And this task has been turning out to be more difficult than I first imagined.  Despite sending inquiry emails daily, I’ve gotten rejected, waited too long (and by that I mean two days), and just plain never heard anything.  I admit, I’m starting to get frustrated.

In a talk with one of my friends, she joked, “You’re a witch, just do a spell.”  For some reason, that sort of bugged me.  Is this what my friends think, that I do a spell and what I want automatically goes my way?  That’s just ridiculous.  I have to fill out the forms, go do all the interviews, and wait it out just like everyone else.  Have I done a spell to give myself clarity in what I want?  Yes.  Will I try to get into the apartment before I move in to give it a good physical and spiritual cleaning?  Yes.  But those aren’t necessarily magical things rather that steps in the process of moving.

I guess the best thing I can do is take this frustration as a lesson in patience, Goddess knows something I’m terrible at.

© Ariadne Woods


One thought on “Moving and Spellcraft

  1. There is nothing wrong with doing a spell for the right place to be open to you when you need it and you need to list what you want like space for an altar and being allowed to have pets or to have quiet neighbors and a safe space.

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