The Dresser Altar

Everyone has an area that is the focus of their day.  For some, it’s their stove tops.  Others, their desks and computers.  Or it’s the dashboard or the garden or the TV cabinet.  It’s the space you come back to every day.  For me it’s my dresser.  It’s not that I spend hours upon hours doing makeup and hair.  It’s the only flat surface in my bedroom that isn’t covered with books.

Working altars are a witch’s space for doing meditations, spells, workings, tarot readings, journaling, kaizen, herbal preparations, etc.  They differ from sabat altars in that they are vaguely permanent.  They are the focal point for all of a witch’s work.

I don’t know how others put theirs together, but mine shares space with my jewelry box and a stack of magazines I’ve been meaning to read.  The main features are a white working candle, a Goddess image I change periodically, a Tarot box that holds my Goddess deck and my mala beads, some crystals, and a metal incense stick holder that doubles as an offering plate.  Here’s where I make tea and work my spells and light offering incense and contemplate the cards and write inspirational messages on my mirror with a dry erase marker.

I advocate creating these spaces in the places you naturally use.  If you’re a cook, put a bowl of salt and an image of Hestia on a shelf above your stove.  A gardener, a bench and some special plants in a corner of the garden.  Even put it in the corner of your office cubicle if you spend more time in the office than at home.  It’s your space.

© Ariadne Woods


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