Tea of the Day

Ages and ages ago when I began my magical practice, I came across an article called “Magic, Seven Days a Week.”  The gist of it is to help the reader attune to the days of the week vis a vis their many correspondences.  It’s one of my favorite articles because it explains how simple it is to incorporate little things to make you more present in the natural cycles of seasons, days, etc.

I’ve realized recently that more attunement to seasons and days is a great opportunity to hone my skills as a witch and to acknowledge and accept transitions.  So, I will post a few articles about attunement over the next few weeks.

For the days of the week, one of the easiest methods for me is to use teas to mark the passage of days.  I am an avid tea drinker and have an afternoon cup every day.  Therefore I’m going to try and incorporate herbal correspondences into my daily ritual.

Sunday: Rightly named, the day of the sun.  It’s the day to try and gain a little more prosperity.  In terms of teas, solar fruits, such as lemon and orange, and fire herbs, like cinnamon and ginger, come to mind.

Monday: Or Moon Day.  It is the day of women, sleep, dreams, etc.  I usually try to use calming herbs, like chamomile and mint, on this day (although I save sleep-inducing herbs like valerian and skullcap for my nighttime cup).

Tuesday: This is the day dedicated to the gods of war and invokes courage, strength, and passion.  A spicy and smooth rooibos tea is perfect to attune to these principles within ourselves.

Wednesdays: Creativity, change, and communications are at work.  I like a good Earl Grey because the caffeine makes you more awake and therefore able to perceive the changes around you, and bergamot is a friend to the scholar and wordsmith.

Thursday:  Thor’s Day brings us healing and abundance.  Any healing blend (try going to an herbiary or herbal store to find a good blend for your health needs) or green tea would be appropriate for this day.

Friday:  Not just the end to the work week, but also to the goddesses of love and romance.  Try to find or incorporate rose petals and hibiscus into your tea blends.

Saturday:  The day of banishing and and protection ruled by Saturn.  It is the darkest day of the week, in a way balancing the lightness of the days dedicated to the moon and sun.  Teas heavy in spices, such as chai, or a simple black tea is appropriate on this day.

© Ariadne Woods

3 thoughts on “Tea of the Day

  1. To drink tea is such an easy way to incorporate your practices into your daily rituals. There is a tea for everything, and though I’ve thought about tea in terms of herbal properties (such as the sleep-inducing herbs for an evening tea), I would never have thought about using different teas on different days for symbolism. In winter, when I drink tea way more regularly, I’ll try this 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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