Dark Magic?

I dislike the common perceived dichotomy of magical arts in the Pagan, Wiccan, and witch community between light and dark magic.  It creates a sense of morality that does not respect the nuances in everyday life.  “I am a good witch, therefore I can’t work this kind of magic because it would make me a bad witch.”  It boxes the practitioner into a moral box that may not serve their purposes or be practical in everyday life.

In my life magical workings provide not just an outlet to bring love and light into my life, but also a source of protection.  Sometimes that means doing spells other practitioners consider “black magic.”  Yet I would not consider myself a dark worker by any stretch of the imagination.

So when you read on the internet or in a book that a type of magic is “bad” or “dark” or “black,” consider the nature of the working in the context of your life not just in relation to the label.

© Ariadne Woods


5 thoughts on “Dark Magic?

  1. I agree, too many times I see people talking about only performing White Magic, or repeating the mantra of “No Personal Gain” whenever they discuss their beliefs… It can make getting to know other Witches difficult, because whenever I would bring up Gray Magic, or Hoodoo, it would freak them out O_O, and it caused major conflict.

  2. This is a great point! The concept of “light” and “dark” magick are very much fluid and differ from person to person. If the magick is truly dark, like wishing death upon someone, Karmic Law will come into play. Ever mind the rule of three.


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