Urgent Question: Is It Acceptable to Space Clean Someone Else’s Bedroom?

Hi everyone!

So I am about to stay at my aunt’s home.  Due to the family dynamics, the space just reeks of negativity.  Every time I stay my anxiety level goes through the roof.

I was wondering if it would be morally okay to space clean the room I will be using, which is my cousin’s bedroom.  I tried Googling advice on this subject, but could not find any articles on this topic.  Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks and bright blessings,


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7 thoughts on “Urgent Question: Is It Acceptable to Space Clean Someone Else’s Bedroom?

  1. I would say yes, since you will be staying there for a length of time, you need wards and cleaning to make it so you don’t have panic attacks or migraines. I would suggest doing a thorough clean of the room with wood polish, cleaner, or other cleansers first, and focus your intent on creating a safe haven for yourself. For the blasting cleanse I would go Widdershins, and imagine all the gunk is being scrubbed away

    After you clean everything you can, i would then set up wards around the perimeter of the room with incense smoke, salt/herb mix, asperging with blessed water or tea, noise, or even spit or facial oil. Bodily fluids are a good way of marking your territory, but use your best judgement on what will work best for you. I am a big fan of herbs and salt, and incense. You can use more than one method, and create a woven effect with all of them protecting against different things.

    After you do all this, I would suggest sealing the wards through a picture or figure in your room, doesn’t need to be fancy, just something special to you (the more subtle the better I think), so you can touch it or speak to it whenever you need to boost the wards powers. If you also create an herbal sachet to tuck into your pillow, that can help protect you while sleeping.

    I would also suggest making a piece of jewelry to block and ground the energies that you keep on you at all times. If you have time and resources, I would suggest using gemstone beads to create a prayer bead set or mala that you can use for meditating, grounding, spellwork, or comfort. What stones make you feel protected and safe? Add them or a representation of them in this jewelry, and focus your intent with every step, smudging the beads or blessing them when they are complete.

    Voila’ you’re done! Hope this helps! message me if you have any other questions, I would be happy to help.

  2. Sure why not? Unless the person has a serious problem with it then I’d say go for it. If they are not a witch or practitioner of any kind I wouldn’t have any issue doing so, doing so for other witches though is a little tricker. I say this because sometimes things they have around and they like might make us feel anxious or just plain not like us: but that’s their prerogative to have those entities. If you’re in an icky space, or even a seriously dirty or messy space, and you’re occupying it especially I think there are no issues with cleaning it up a bit. Just like if someone expected me to sleep in a filthy room I’d have to at least tidy up and get some clean sheets before I could sleep! (I mean, I wouldn’t be rude about it but there are ways to approach some things…)

  3. This isn’t performing magic on a person, but you are trying to do something with their property. I get the feeling you don’t want to ask your aunt (or cousin, as it’s your cousin’s bedroom) for permission, which is usually done in instances like this. However, if you’re not planning to physically change or put anything in the bedroom, I can’t see how it would harm anyone. And it would definitely be less harmful for you if the room is cleansed of the negativity. So a cleansing with sound, sage sticks, water or whatever you are planning would be morally ok, in my opinion, though others might disagree.
    Good luck!

  4. I would agree with what has been said. It would be similar, in my opinion, to opening all the windows and airing the room out. In fact, that should be part of the ritual as the negativity needs somewhere to go. I would normally use sage, but if you feel there might be a need to explain when you would rather not, there are other methods that would not draw attention. This is where you are going to be sleeping. Think of it as you would if you were in a hotel room for a few nights. Would you clear that space? Many would and I think it would be all right in this situation.

  5. Hi Ariadne, I would say in all situations like this, simply ask permission. You don’t need to phrase it any other way than perhaps ‘Hey Aunty, mind if I make the place my own while I’m here?’ then do whatever feels natural to you, to give you a relaxing space. There’s no point adding more stress on top of the anxiety you already feel, by adding the subconcious negative fear that you have done something you ‘shouldn’t have’, if that makes sense. Hope it works out.

  6. I agree with all of the above. I’ve used the jewelry-as-ward method when traveling to visit family, mostly due to us jumping from house to house during a two-week visit. It worked for me, because I’m always wearing the same necklace; I never forget it, and nobody thinks twice about me wearing it.

  7. Wow thanks for the thoughts everyone! You are the best.

    After reading your suggestions and consulting a few friends, I decided I’m going to give the space a light cleaning and use my protection talisman for when I wander around the rest of the house. I also think I’m going to bring a calming tea.

    As for the comments regarding asking permission, since it’s defensive magic I think I’m good not asking my aunt (who does not know I am a witch). If I get the vibe it’s not okay, I will rely on my talisman.

    Thanks again!

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