Witch Tips: Seven Things You Can Learn WITHOUT a Coven

Covens aren’t for all witches.  Sometimes being solitary is the only option due to age or access problems.  In other cases some people have had bad experiences in Pagan organizations.  For whatever reason to not be a part of a coven (or to supplement your spiritual education outside of your grove), there are a variety of activities to do to further yourself.

  • How to Educate Yourself: A lot of being a solitary pagan is dedicating a portion of time to learning.  Covens often have a structure to educate the neophytes, but this is not the case for everyone else.  The best advice I can give is to read widely and regularly.  Internet, books, and magazine articles provide a full picture of a variety of topics.
  • Meditation:  There are a variety of reasons for taking up a meditative practice.  Studies show meditation’s effects to combating stress and anxiety (I encourage you to do your own research on meditation’s benefits and the reduction of chronic conditions).  If you are not one for sitting in the same position for fifteen plus minutes, consider taking up an active practice.
  • Mad Skills:  Herbs, divination, stones, spell craft, essential oils, herbalism, pottery, silversmithing, first aid, cooking, gardening, jewelry making, aromatherapy, blogging, ritual creation, basic sewing, space clearing, beer brewing, etc.  Become an expert in as many things as possible.
  • Networking:  Even though you are not part of a formal organization, there are still thousands of witches, Pagans, and Wiccans to befriend.  Online communities on Tumblr and WordPress are rich and engaging.  If you are more interested in face to face interactions, look for public rituals and get togethers at local pagan stores or The Witches’ Voice.
  • Pagan, Wiccan, and Craft History: Got to know where our traditions come from, right? Drawing Down the Moon and The Triumph of the Moon are great books to start.
  • Public Service: Working in your community is something I strongly believe to be an integral part of expressing thanks for what you have been given in your life.  To start it’s almost Mabon the witches’ Thanksgiving, so consider donating food to a local food bank.
  • Your Rights: Research the witchcraft laws in your state and the national precedent of religious freedom and expression as it relates to your school and workplace.  The more you know, the better protected you can be.  If you haven’t read Pagans and the Law, consider picking up a copy.

© Ariadne Woods


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