Ten Practices for Pagan Introverts…

  • Keep in Good Health: There are thousands of things you can do in this area of your life.  Get the proper yearly screenings.  Take a walk a half hour a day, everyday.  Limit the amount of processed foods and increase good, nutritive recipes.  Research and consult your doctor or holistic professional about supplementing your diet with vitamins and herbs.  If you have chronic conditions, keep up with the most recent research research.  Even consider getting a few sessions with a mental health professional to learn how to combat every day stressors.  Become an advocate for your health.
  • Read: Expand your horizons in the Pagan world.  For example, don’t know anything about Asatru?  Start looking at blogs and read the Eddas.
  • Develop a Skill: Get really good at reading runes or tarot.  Or making altar cloths.  Or drumming.  Or whatever!  Make sure you keep up with this practice.  And skills are like presents, the more the merrier.
  • Space Clear:  A lot of shy people and introverts I know space clear in some way, regardless of religious path.  It is a method of creating a safe environment.  Research a good version for you.  I am personally a fan of using a sage mist, incense, and bells in a very personal ceremony.
  • Decorate for Sabats and Other Holidays: Mabon just ended, but why not start gathering supplies for your Samhain altar and a variety of other home decorations?  Switch things out depending on the sabat.  An easy way to do this is to buy flowers based on the season, such as mums for this part of the year.
  • Meditate and Journal: Develop a strong practice for facilitating self growth.
  • Listen to Podcasts:  As my readers who have been with me since the beginning know, I am a huge fan of podcasts.  As I write this, I am getting caught up on episodes of HerbMentor Radio (if you’re an herb person you’ll love this one).  There are tons of great ones for a variety of interests.
  • Become an Expert: If you find you really jive with a practice or lore or skill, REALLY delve into it from as many angles as possible.
  • Garden: Work with the Earth.  Develop a proper sowing and gathering schedule.  Consider planting herbs and medicinal plants as well as flowers.  If you live in a city, look into community gardening or work with houseplants.
  • Get Out in Nature: So you’re not a hiker or camper, neither an I.  But get out there and see the world the Goddess cultivates for us.

And if you reading this list and thinking great but I am a social person, look out for my next post…

© Ariadne Woods


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