…And Ten Practices for Pagan Extroverts

  • Pagan Pride Days: Communities across the United States host open, public days for pagans to network, buy products, and learn.  Here is the Witches’ Voice advert for this month’s crop (I missed mine!).  Keep on the lookout for ones throughout the year.  These are usually good for the whole family.
  • Teach and Take a Class: Everyone is good at something.  Pass that knowledge on.  Try to think outside the box, too.  For example, if you’re a crafty person, why not present a prayer bead making course.
  • Volunteer in Your Community: Food banks, clothing donations, even cooking a meal for neighbors who just had a new baby.  Give back in thanks for the many blessings the God and Goddess have provided.
  • Blog: Okay, this is not just for extroverts.  But I have found that this experience has opened me up and engaged me in a new community.  Find your voice and present your perspective to the world.
  • Festivals and Gatherings: It isn’t exactly the season right now (although Circle Sanctuary has events all year round, not just Pagan Spirit Gathering).  But start researching and planning NOW.  You’ll feel so much better come May when most of the work is done.
  • Public Sabats: Most large communities have some sort of circle every Full Moon, New Moon, and during the Wheel of the Year.  For solitaries, these are great for important holidays: Beltane maypoles, Samhain mourning, etc. Some are family friendly, so a great time for Pagan kids to find friends and parents to organize kids’ education programs.
  • Bumper Stickers: There’s this car a vender that attends a lot of the same local library events as I do drives.  Every inch of the back is covered with Pagan and earth-centric stickers.  I’ve witnessed people stopping and asking him a variety of questions time and time again.  Such a great educational tool.  At a loss of where to get them? Try 13Moons, Amazon.com, and of course your local supply shops.
  • Start or Join a Coven: This is a deeply personal decision.  But if you have a group of people you jive with spiritually, why not go for it? As I have never been a part of a coven, I don’t have great advice on this subject.  But the great thinkers of the Craft do, so check out the oldies, but goodies (i.e. Gardner, Lady Sheba, etc.)
  • Open a Shop: The debate over the morality of ‘selling magic’ is one thing, but making incense and selling it on Etsy is another.
  • Youtube:  CharmingPixieFlora, TipToeChick, TheShoeWhisperer.  These power-house ladies of the Pagan Youtube community are the new generation of educators.  Like blogging, this is another way to get your perspective out there.  It’s a lot more public and personal, so not for everyone (yours truly included).  But if you think you want to try, start simple with a how-to video.

© Ariadne Woods


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