A Fresh Start (Getting Dumped, Part II)

In my “Getting Dumped” post last week, I shared a few thoughts about the connection with this season and releasing using the example of my ex boyfriend dumping me.  Well, things are still a little bleak on my end.  I want to start by thanking my readers for the support and well wishes you’ve sent me.  I sincerely appreciate it.  Also I have had a lot of time to reflect this week, both on my relationship and my life.  I have wrestled with serious questions.  The big one was if I will spend the rest of my life alone (answer unknown and only time will tell).  And I have reached out for advice from friends and family, most were largely unhelpful except (as always) for my best friend.  She and I had a long talk and she made me realize that no matter what happens I will lead a full and happy life, even if I am miserable right now.

But then there was the conversation I had with the Goddess.  Long story short, I ended up on a private beach in Delaware this Friday night.  And it was kind of the best beach to contemplate questions of the heart.  My friend’s family planted rose bushes along the line between the sand and the parking lot.  It is a sacred and special place.  So I sat there and watched the sunset and just listened.  The waves and the sea gulls and the church bells in the distance, perfectly relaxing.  And after a while I asked just started talking.  About my failed relationship and how I am feeling about it ending.

And I got a clear piece of advice: a fresh start.  Obviously I asked for a little clarity from the Goddess.  Does she mean “for us” or “for me?”  And she added, for us (meaning my ex and me).

Huh.  Well then that’s interesting.  So even if things look a bit grim or strange right now, perhaps things aren’t as they appear.

I will keep you posted on this situation (although obviously going back to my usual witchy rambling).  But for now, I am letting things play out.  Perhaps there is still a little hope.

© Ariadne Woods


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