The City Witch

Some people, myself included, are not built for country life.  I love the cultural stimulation of living near museums, concerts, and lectures.  Parks give plenty of access to nature, plus nothing save a couple of clouds can prevent access to the Moon.  As a vegetarian my food choices are expanded beyond the pasta option.  Plus, living in a neighborhood with a lot of students presents new opportunities to hang out with people my age.  The only thing I dislike about living in the city is I can’t garden because I live in an apartment, but to compensate I am actively looking for a community garden.

Living in an urban environment does not negate my commitment to my faith.  Not only does my location correlate to my university, but I have a wide variety of social, intellectual, and spiritual needs that do not get fulfilled by living in the country. Yes, I follow a nature-based path. Spending a week or so at a beautiful forest or beach really recharges and rejuvenates my spirit.  But that is not the only environment I recognize this connection to my spirit exists.  For me hearing a symphony can be just as moving to the spirit as spending time at a beach. It’s just a matter of perspective and seizing a moment.

Some Pagans believe that a constant connection with nature is key to being a good Pagan, an opinion with which I respectfully disagree.  If a rural lifestyle is for you, great!  If urban, suburban, or space station living is your speed, fantastic!  Just stay true to your spirit, and no one can judge you for it.

© Ariadne Woods


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