Samhain Recipes

Samhain is a great time of year to get friends together for some feasting and fun.  Apples and pumpkins are the stars of this meal, as well as foods that are a little sweet.  Enjoy!

  • Witches Brew: There are tons of mulled cider recipes (this one comes courtesy of CharmingPixieFlora). Tip: I know some people like having pieces of apple or spices in the drink, but this is not great for kids.  And if you want to spike it for adults, I recommend a nice dark rum.
  • Pan de Muertos:  A traditional Mexican recipe to celebrate the Day of the Dead.  You can also usually find this at your local bakery, too.
  • Pumpkin Dip: My friend taught me how to make this a few years ago. It is tasty and addicting!  I like to serve it with apple slices and pretzels.
  • Roasted Pork with Apples: Easy, yet elegant enough for a full Samhain feast.  I like to include an apple recipe in my meals this time of year because of their connection to the afterlife.  The Isle of Apples is one of the many names given to the transition space between this life and the next.
  • French Green Lentils:  Great for the vegetarians in the group.  Fill a pot with water, add a handful of salt and a bay leaf, and bring to a boil.  Add 1 cup of French green lentils, 1 diced potato, 1 diced sweet potato, and 1 diced carrot.  Bring back to boil, and then to a simmer.  Leave alone for a half hour.  While the veggies are cooking, make a simple vinaigrette with red wine vinegar, mustard, cumin, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Set aside.  Two minutes before the cooking is done, add a cup of froze pearl onions to the vegetable mixture.  Drain the veggies, remove the bay leaf, and combine with sauce.  Enjoy!
  • Squash Mash: Roast any squash (cut in half and seeds removed) at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until fork tender.  Remove skin and mash with a little butter and salt and pepper.  Also works well with sweet potatoes.
  • Witches Hats: There are tons of cutesy Halloween deserts out there. Find one that will enchant your guests.
  • Trick or Treat Ideas: NEVER be the lame house that gives out dental floss.  If you have time, making caramel apples or cookies are a fantastic option.  And you can never go wrong buying half a dozen bags of chocolate!

© Ariadne Woods


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