Modern Cauldrons

Cauldrons have been used in witchcraft for centuries.  During her “Cauldron Witchery” episode for Circle Craft Podcast, Selena Fox speculates that their popularity stems from the fact that they were an everyday item that would not be spotted by authorities trying to arrest witches.  Therefore a witch could practice her craft without being noticed.  It symbolically connects to the Celtic goddess Cerridwen.  It is said that all souls enter her cauldron to be reborn to the next life.

In magical practices, cauldrons are used for a variety of practices.  In the old days, they were used for cooking and medicine making although this is not necessarily safe anymore.  They can hold bonfires to be used in ritual.  Some people like to do the Epson salt and alcohol method for a cool atmosphere.  Others like to use small ones as incense burners and safe spaces for burning parchment and other papers.  Cauldrons can be used for divination and combining herbs as well.

Due to modern changes in cooking methods, cauldrons are not used anymore in everyday cooking.  Think about making soup in a cauldron on a flat top stove, yikes!  So the materials we use for its intent have changed.  But they still can be used in spiritual practice.

  • Traditional Cauldrons: They do still exist and can be bought from Pagan shops.  You really can only use them for magical purposes, although NEVER use them to make a potion without making sure that would be safe.
  • Plastic Cauldrons: You know, the ones you find everywhere this time of year.  These are versatile and good for anything except burning materials.  One great idea is to get a sturdy one, poke a few small holes in the bottom, and grow your magical herbs in it.
  • French Presses:  If you want to use a cauldron to make a brew, a press is great because the straining mechanism is built-in.  Have one purely for spiritual or medicinal purposes and never use it for coffee.
  • Mugs: Again, great for making herbal teas and potions.  They also can be used for divination as a black scrying mirror (dark mug filled with water) or tea leaves.
  • Pyrex Glass Bowls:  Kind of a great solution if you can’t access a cauldron.  You can burn small amounts of herbs or paper in these, make teas, scry, etc.

© Ariadne Woods


One thought on “Modern Cauldrons

  1. oh my, i DO grab certain receptacles for certain tasks, I just never thought of the meaning and use of cauldron before and now I am thinking of a health and energetic issue and how I changed items without doing that thing that I do…duh, now I have to haul out the old one just to test out a theory. 🙂

    (clonking self on head…duuuhh woman, duhhhh –grin)

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