Keeping Track

Do you journal? Keep a Book of Shadows? Note every tarot reading or rune casting?  All of these methods are working towards the same goal: to document your personal and spiritual progress.  You are creating a record of your state of mind during a particular period of time.  In a few days, weeks, or years you can go back and see how far you have progressed.  For my personal needs, I keep a personal journal and a book where I document every tarot reading.  Every once in a while I break out the old diaries and consider the changes I have made in my life.  As for recording spells and spiritual knowledge, I do have a computer file where I keep these things, although it is not integral to my practice.

People prioritize noting different things.  I like talking about day-to-day activities as well as my feelings and emotions.  Other writers just keep track of their dreams and interpretations.  It’s highly intuitive to what is going on in your life.

If you want to start writing, I have a few guidelines.  Always be honest.  You know yourself better than anyone, and you in 20 years will look at the book and call yourself out.  Also be as detailed as possible, especially when noting readings and dreams.  The smallest thing might turn out to be the most important.  Lastly, try to make this a daily or weekly practice at the same time of day to make it a habit.  This will ensure you document your life with a certain amount of success.

© Ariadne Woods


2 thoughts on “Keeping Track

  1. I have found the using my blog is the best way for me to journal. I know, I must work on my personal journal, but it does become difficult when typing is so manageable.

  2. Having a Word document serve as a journal works perfectly! I will say that for me writing things down by hand cuts down on anxiety and stress. But honestly whatever works for you.

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