Am I Fluffy?

The term “fluffy” is something that gets bounced around quite a bit in the Pagan community, but the meaning of the colloquialism is a little murky.  When I started my practice, everything I read informed me that “fluffy” meant practitioners that saw everything as love and light and unicorn and rainbows.  I have since learned that is not the only definition.  Some people believe that the term is connected to the type of magic you do, or in some cases the fact you do magic at all.  Others connect the term “fluffy” to newer Pagans who come to their practice with a hyped up sense of enthusiasm.  Still others say that people who follow particular paths (namely solitary paths) or the guidance of certain authors (often Silver Ravenwolf).  These are all very different ideas with different connotations.  So what does this term actually denote?

A while ago I decided on my personal definition of “fluffy” as people who practice magic or any faith without understanding or without deeper meaning.  For example if someone does magic all of the time without any deeper understanding of energies or the involvement of the quarters and any appropriate deities, then that’s a little “fluffy.”  Everything that you do in this life has an effect on you, your family, your friends, your lovers, and even complete strangers.  I don’t claim to have the answers of why that is (although I have personal suspicions).  But doing magic or invoking deities without this concept in the back of your head is not only ignorant, but also irresponsible.  I get that this happens, especially with new practitioners, so as knowledge expands so lessens the “fluff.”  I admit to having my “fluffy” moments, especially early in my practice.  My early rituals before I really started reading and listening to my moral compass really had no meaning, because I was invoking deities and powers just for fun.  Now, that horrifies me to practice that level of ignorance. Also, being enthusiastic does not make you “fluffy” rather than just excited to be doing what you are doing.

I encourage other people to share their definitions of “fluffy” or their “fluffy” moments.

© Ariadne Woods


4 thoughts on “Am I Fluffy?

  1. I think about this often because I have been accused of being fluffy once or twice. Compared to some people I know, I am definitely fluffy but that’s okay with me. 🙂

  2. I feel you on this. I feel we’ve all had “fluffy” moments as you’ve described, and that’s okay. That’s part of being a beginner. That I don’t really call “fluffy”- when you’re young and just starting on the path, wanting to do stuff for the hell of it, we all go through the newbie stages. I haven’t used the term “fluff bunny” in a few years, but when I do I reserve it for those I find to be completely full of it, and when I do realize a person is full of it, I usually just stay out of their way. Usually its related to UPG abuse, or someone with questionable ethics. I don’t consider every ‘beginner’ a “fluff bunny”, I consider a “fluff bunny” to be someone pretending that they’re greater than who they actually are and can’t accept coming down from their high horse. Beginners are good, newbies do eventually learn. “Fluff bunnies” are kind of the reverse of that, ones who throw a fit every time they’re corrected about something.

    1. Oh I agree the UPG thing gets on my nerves as well. There is a reason the word personal is in that statement. Imposing UPG on someone else is something that every Pagan should avoid, but unfortunately it happens. It’s why I make a point on this blog to say when I’m giving my opinion or UPG so people can know the difference.

  3. I see fluffy as people who are Love and Liars, wear rose-colored glasses, see the mystical in EVERYTHING, Playgans, and just anything that comes across as “Fluffy”….not always a term that I reserve just for Pagans and Witches. I’ve used it against some parenting sites as well…. I don’t really have a specific definition for it really. It’s feeling, I guess, I dunno.

    But at the same time, I feel that many of us were Fluffy at one point in time, I know I’ve had my moments and still do, even as a “veteran”, I’m forever a novice and an expert. It is what it is.

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