Rethinking the Elements



Think about the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, etc.  What do you associate with these forces?  Any seasons, cardinal directions, colors, creatures, or attributes?  Do you have a special connection with any of them?  Do you even perceive Elements that are not listed?  Now, think about why you have these associations. Did you read about the correspondences in a book or article?  Did your mentor or coven give you this wisdom?  Or is it something you developed in your own practice?  Lastly, think about if you agree with these associations.  Have you moved or relocated since first establishing your relationships with the Elements, so they shifted cardinal directions?  Has your practice changed?  Or have you found that you don’t agree with an aspect anymore?

I encourage you to do this questioning every once in a while, especially if you move a lot or have had a serious change in your spiritual beliefs.  Things change, so even if you feel you have standing correspondences with the Elements it is good to reestablish and reconnect.

© Ariadne Woods


6 thoughts on “Rethinking the Elements

  1. What would you like us to do after focusing upon our own way? It would appear by what you wrote that you wish us to notice and to perhaps compare and contrast them with something that you were going to provide for us to do so. Otherwise, I am also wondering if you have had some episode in mind that carries a chide–if only to yourself, and a warning that if this then that, might occur and then a sharing of what you did to remedy it. I like what you write and I like pondering it. This one, I am having a wee bit of trouble with intent. Please resend the message 🙂

    1. Sorry for the lack of clarity, but there wasn’t really an event or anything that inspired this post. I’m just going back through my practice to see if anything has shifted and decided to share an exercise for anyone else going through the same thing. I think it is a good idea to sit and think about even the basic parts of personal practice to see it it still feels right or has any baring on your spiritual life.

      Hope that helps! )O(

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