A Reading and a Confession

Most of the people in my life know I read tarot, despite my in or out status in that relationship. Consequently the other day a new friend from one of my grad classes who is having man issues called me and asked for a reading.  We met at Starbucks and after the cards have been dealt and discussed we began talking about other readings we have both experienced.  I told her about one a fellow Pagan gave me with her Goddess oracle deck.  Which led to a conversation about religion where I had to cop to my witchy ways.

I have never come out to a friend so cavalierly before this weekend.  I always sit the friend down and give them a speech and let them ask questions and yada yada yada.  Quite a formal affair, like I am cluing them into a big controversy.  But this time, I felt comfortable enough just saying, “I am a witch.”  And it went swimmingly.  My friend even admitted she thought I already was Pagan due to my love of tarot.

This whole event led to a pretty big revelation for me.  Yes there are still people out there who are very intolerant of Paganism (my family included).  But the world is changing.  Or at least my world is.  I feel more comfortable in my own skin and more honest in my day to day life.  Maybe it is because I live in a new city and am making wonderful friends.  Or maybe it’s because I am beginning to accept myself a little more.

© Ariadne Woods


5 thoughts on “A Reading and a Confession

  1. This makes me so happy for you. My neighbor recently invited me to join her pagan circle for a potluck dinner, and it was wonderful. Although I was told not to stand in the west because I am a water sign. 😉

  2. When you meet new people who don’t know your background, you can just BE. No lengthy explanations necessary because they’ve never known you as anything different

  3. I’ve just not really seen a reason to hide it. Maybe I’m just odd in that manner, because I’ve always just said, “I’m a witch.”(Well, after I figured that one out lol) I’ve lost acquaintances because of it, but that just shows they weren’t a friend. I understand it’s not an easy thing for many, I just apologized for being me most of my life, and decided I had nothing to be sorry for, but others did if they couldn’t be accepting about it. The world is changing, enjoy it. Well done, I hope this gives you great courage and a brighter hope for the future. 🙂

  4. Blessed Be Sister! It’s a difficult thing being a witch sometimes (though it should NOT be) , and it warms my heart to hear how honest you are about it. I am a Gay Male Witch and everyone knows about my orientation (and my 23 year relationship) but not all know about my kinship with the Goddess…Go figure! But I am getting there and posts like this definitely help me along! Much love, Jamy

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