Witch Tips: Spell Planning

Spell writing is an art.  It takes a little practice, planning, and consideration.  For people new to the Craft, the abundant resources online and in books can seem a little daunting.  For people well versed in magical ways, sometimes we develop ruts and lose a little creative mojo by doing the same types of spells all of the time.  So for all you new and seasoned spell casters, here are a few steps to assist in your magical workings.

  • Have You Considered All Your Options?: Yes magic is lovely.  But it is not always necessary.  Make sure you have explored all aspects of the situation.  This is especially true when the action affects others.  Sometimes a simple conversation solves all the problems.
  • Refine Your Need: Be really specific in what you want.  Let’s say you need a new job.  Don’t be general and do a spell for a job.  Make a list of all the characteristics you want in that job, like salary, duties, and benefits.  The one time I recommend NOT doing this is attraction or love magic.  You never should be specific in the person, but rather the qualities of the person.
  • Timing: If you work with the Moon or Sun, use their power to enhance yours.  For example if you want to do protection magic, a good time to do it is around the Summer Solstice.  To get you started, here is an easy guide to moon phases and their connection to magical workings.
  • Spell Speed: Most spells at their core use one of the Elements.  This means the characteristics of Earth, Air, Fire, or Water become part of the spell.  Not only should this be considered when planning your spell, but the actual speed of the manifestation will differ from spell to spell.  Consider the situation and how quickly you want it to become reality.  Be careful though. Sometimes if you want it to happen too quickly, the spell will not be as effective.  For example if you are addicted to something and want to change that behavior, avoid quick release spells.  Let these things take time.  The utterly prolific CharmingPixieFlora made a video a few years ago discussing this topic, so for more information here you go!
  • Accessories: Do you want or need to use herbs, crystals, food items, libations, parchment, candles, etc. specific to the properties of the spell?  Do you have them on hand?  If not, how long will it take you to obtain them?  Also, what magical tools do you want to use, such as a Working Candle, cauldron, or athame?  If you really feel you need the ‘stuff’ then wait until you have them.  Also if you have no idea what to use, check a few books with great indexes (example: any of the Cunningham encyclopedias [if you do a lot of spell casting, I recommend splurging for all of them they’re REALLY useful]).  There is a reason I refer to these items as accessories.  You don’t really need them but they are nice to have.
  • Try Something New: Seem to always to candle magic?  Try an Earth or Sea spell.  Get out of your comfort zone a little.
  • Belief: If you think the spell is not going to work, then it won’t.  Simple as that.  Doubt is the number one negation of spellwork.  So buck up and have a little faith in yourself and your ability to change your life.
  • Visualization: Basically, picture the change and outcome while performing the magic.  This method provides focus and clarity.  It does take a little practice though.  There are plenty to exercises on the Internet to help develop this skill.  Here are a few to my favorites to get you started.
  • Follow-Up: I have mentioned this before and don’t mind beating my readers over the head with this point.  After you do a spell, do some sort of action in the mundane world that mirrors your intent.  For example if you are doing a spell to bring a new lover into your life, then actually accept the dates that come your way.  Even if the person isn’t your ideal mate, creating a little momentum towards your goal will go a long way to manifesting it to reality.

© Ariadne Woods

2 thoughts on “Witch Tips: Spell Planning

  1. Fantastic! Definitely agree with Cunningham references, they are always quite useful. And I guess we do get in ruts with it all, I admit, I’d not considered that to even be a possibility. Light bulb! Lol Great blog. Thanks for writing! )o(

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