Finding Your Yoda

Mentors and teachers come into everyone’s lives at the weirdest moments.  On occasion, they leave your life just as swiftly.  It is because you are getting the guidance you need when you need it.

I also believe that a mentor can come from anywhere.  They can be a friend, a professor, an author, a Tumblr page, a Youtube vlogger, etc.  You will instinctively know this person is supposed to be a mentor by how their wisdom affects you.  It should ‘hit home.’

In my life, I have had a handful of great people I could turn to for advice and guidance.  My grandmother is the big one.  I distinctly remember being eight or nine having elementary school problems, and she would give me advice on whatever was going on.  It’s been like that my whole life.  I also had a bunch of mentors in my teenage years.  Most of them were teachers or friends’ parents.  They always came into my life at the right moment and left when I no longer needed their guidance.  In my Pagan life, I have never had a High Priestess or formal teacher other than the wisdom the God and Goddess have given me.  But early in my practice, I lived in the Netherlands so I didn’t have access to materials in English.  So to get inspired in my spiritual ways, I would watch CharmingPixieFlora or TipToeChick.  When I am down, I pull out a few of their videos I know will help me.

So, how does someone find a mentor?  It’s not something you can necessarily just acquire.  You have to seek them, although it doesn’t need to be an active and aggressive process.  Just keep your ears, heart, and instincts open.  You will know when you have found the right person.

© Ariadne Woods


One thought on “Finding Your Yoda

  1. No kidding! I found my first mentor in Iraq! Though we don’t speak very often anymore, they do leave from time to time, I know I am able to ask him anything anytime!

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