The Black Moon

This Thursday and Friday we will be experiencing a phenomena called the Black Moon.  It refers to a second Dark and New Moon cycle in a calendar month.  The energies are the antithesis of a Blue Moon, which is the second full moon in a calendar month.  The Black Moon is a super charged point for any banishing, transforming, or releasing.  Also if you REALLY need a fresh start, a ritual at the Black Moon will give an extra oomph to your goals.  Something else to keep in mind is the festival of Imbolc this weekend.  Combining the refreshing energies of this sabat with the Black Moon will be amazing.

Take the next two days and meditate on how best to tap into the cycles of the Moon and Sun.  Consider what you want to change in your life.  Do you want to let go of old habits, relationships, and negativity?  Do you want to begin cultivating your spiritual practice a little more?  Or do you want to renew your New Year’s resolutions?  Usually I advocate free form and spontaneity in ritual, but this opportunity is too unusual and transformative to use lightly.

For myself, I have a lot of rituals planned for this weekend.  Friday will be dedicated to the Black Moon with a releasing and new growth ritual, Saturday to Imbolc, and Sunday (or the first day I see the Crescent Moon) to honoring one of the deities I venerate.

© Ariadne Woods


3 thoughts on “The Black Moon

  1. see, now I use new moons to summon and full ones to complete and to send forth/away
    I’ve only heard it called Blue Moon, and I went off searching, the black naming comes from olde ways.

    Spring Spring boink Spring!! I got so excited today about it! I am pondering if the retrograde will move me back over what I celebrate/think on OR if I might get more oomph and moments of adjustment–getting to do it twice!!

    I have wondered when reading about your cakes and ale ideas, if cakes are/were simply an illustration or if the ingredients, the form, and the sharing for sacrifice and for fellowship have some larger meaning that has been lost in the going thru of the motions. I wonder if you have research about the subject?

    1. Thank you for reminding me, I completely forgot Mercury is going to be in retrograde Friday!!! See, this weekend is going to be awesome!

      You are not the first person I have corresponded with that differs in their conception of the moon cycle, and I understand your point of view because the New Moon is all about new beginnings and growth. But I perceive the Dark Moon energies as such a strong time to suck away the gunk in my life that I can’t automatically switch from pruning to summoning so quickly. I would get energetic whip lash. I usually wait for the Waxing Moon to be in full force.

      For other readers, Elisa is referring to my Cakes and Ale post with her last question. I am a little confused by your question, but from my understanding the cakes and ale is a point of sacrifice to honor the God and Goddess as well as a time of sharing and bonding in the coven setting. Sacrifice itself is a complex topic and its definition and significance differs practice to practice. One connecting theme, though, between different traditions is that sacrifice is gratitude, thanking the God and Goddess for all they provide. If you could reword of clarify your question, I will do my best to answer it!

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