Field Trip to Salem

This weekend I went to Salem, Massachusetts.  If you are not familiar, it is the site of witch trials in the United States which led to the deaths of 20 innocent people in 1692-93.  They are infamous for a number of reasons, primarily because it is it is the first case of mass hysteria in my nation’s history.  For American witches, we consider it a sacred site.  Many believe there is a point of energetic convergence at this city.  To illustrate the complex history of Salem, there are a lot of museums dedicated to the Trials, witches, and even piracy.  And, of course, the Peabody Essex Museum.  I did not visit these on this trip because I was with friends less interested in history and more interested in other activities Salem offers.

Salem is also a haven for the modern Pagan movement.  It hosts dozens of shops and many Witches call this city their home.  I went in several stores: Omens, Hex, and Artemisia Botanicals to name a few.  What struck me was the helpfulness and friendliness of every person I met.  They walked the witchy walk.  In my favorite shop whose name unfortunately I cannot remember, the shopkeeper revealed something I never realized.  When reading spellbooks, looking at the elements associated with the components of the spell gives a clue regarding what kind of problem best applies to the particular spell.  For example if the herbs and crystals in a healing spell correspond to Air and Water, it is supposed to help the mind and emotions.  So simple but so cool.  I appreciated the insight and was blown away by friendliness.

It was a transformational experience and there are bits about it I will explain in installments.  But I encourage everyone to visit at least once!

© Ariadne Woods


6 thoughts on “Field Trip to Salem

      1. I don’t really do what I would call spells, I use the element, tone, or energy. I have noticed, looking backward or at spells of others how these things fit, backward I think from what you described. 🙂

  1. Your experience is shockingly different from my own, where pretty much every shop owner there was rude beyond words. Not all, but a LOT. It is very different during tourist season. There’s only a few really good book stores. Did you go to Pyramid?

      1. I’ve been many times. I’ve never been around such rude people in my life, and I’m a native New Yorker!

        On the flipside, Captains on the Waterfront is an awesome place to go for lunch and there are some fabulous little shops there with lovely shop owners that make up for all the rude ones.

        It’s a bit too touristy and a lot less Wicccan for me. I actually go elsewhere for my supplies, but Pyramid has a lot of books and a good selection of crystals.

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