Witch Tips: Dating

Finding love can be an arduous and difficult task.  You look and search and come up with only frogs.  Well, I am not saying I am an expert in dating (far from it).  But I do have some words of wisdom.

  • Don’t Feel Like You Have to Date within the Community: Just because you are a Witch doesn’t mean your partner has to be.  A person’s personality and your connection to the person is more important than their religious affiliation.
  • Come Out on your Own Time: I don’t tell every guy who buys me dinner I’m a Witch.  Just the ones who stick around.  My best advice is to play it by ear.  And don’t be afraid to tell your special person about your witchness.  If they leave you because you’re a Pagan, then they’re a jerk and aren’t worth your time or tears.
  • Sleep With the People You Want to Sleep With (Within Reason): Yes, Witches are way more in touch with their sexual desires than most people.  And most people outside of the community tend to know that.  In my experience, that has led to a couple awkward situations of miscommunication and misunderstanding.  Bottom line: if sex is your end game when it comes to dating, go have some fun safely.  If your more into building a long term relationship with someone, then I suggest setting some boundaries early in the relationship and to make your likes and dislikes in the bedroom known early.
  • Spellwork is Futile If You Do Nothing: You can do every love-attraction spell in the book, but it will yield no results if you just sit on your couch.  Go meet new people.  Expand your social circle, enriching your life with both dates and friends.  If you are shy or introverted, consider internet services.
  • Know What You Want: Before you begin your adventures in dating, I highly recommend looking inward and examining what you want from a relationship.  Do you want to settle down, get married, and start a family?  Are you looking to date casually or seriously?  What role do you want in your romantic relationships?  What would you be willing to sacrifice?  Knowing what you want will not only make your path easier, but also more accurate to your spirit.

© Ariadne Woods


Small Magics

Let me tell you about two spells I did on the same day.  The first was an elaborate spell bag I planned for days for a very specific purpose.  For the second one, I found out I had to make an emergency trip home, so I threw a few gemstones in a bag, said the fastest possible blessing over them, and threw them in my bag.  Both spells worked perfectly.  In their basics I did the same things: applied knowledge with wisdom, visualized, and believed in the outcome I desired.  But the amount of planning I did for each spell was vastly different.  Mind you, I knew the circumstances surrounding the first spell for a few weeks, whereas the second event was a curveball.

The point is that magic doesn’t have to be crazy and elaborate, because let’s be honest who has time to perform ceremonial magic for everything.  Sometimes you have to work on instincts and let your knowledge guide you.

So, fellow Witches, what can you do to be successful in your spontaneous spells?

  • Take Your Magical Education Seriously: If there is one rule to being a good Witch, it’s never stop reading and learning.  The more you know, the easier connecting your problem to your magical solution will be.
  • Keep Your Tools Well Stocked: Ever go to do a spell and find you are out of the ONE INGREDIENT you need?  Yeah, not good especially in an unexpected situation.  Keep track of what candles, herbs, stones, or whatever your use the most and make sure you buy more when your run low.  If you are new to the Craft and don’t have a handle on your favorite techniques and tools, pick up some white votive candles and clear quartz since both are so versatile.
  • Be Prepared: Try to learn at least one spell for each of your five magical basics: health, wealth, love, prosperity, and protection.  Remember, they need to be quick and easy.  Once you’ve mastered those areas of your life, expand as needed to other needs.
  • Consider Ingredient-less Workings: Sometimes you want to do something instantly, but lack the tools.  So, do what you can with simple techniques, such as shielding.
  • Relax and Evaluate: How much time do you REALLY have to complete this spell?  Are things moving quickly or slowly.  If you have the time to plan, take it.  If not, use your short spells.

© Ariadne Woods